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When it’s all too much
All you had seems lost
And ya can’t get your brain to cut off the thoughts

Racing through your mind
Feeling every little loss
It won’t go away
Will it ever go away

You’ve drank too much, taken too many hits
It’s all been enough
You could just throw a fit…
Slam the door, Scream out loud
So many pills, placed me in a cloud
All these drugs stole all my dreams

And the thoughts race on…
It won’t go away
Will it ever go away

Look at the part that you’ve played
Not sure you’re worthy
Unsure its worth waking up each day

Racing through your mind
Feeling every little loss
All the things you’ve done
Now look what its cost

The ache of the heart says “I wanna quit”
But reachin in your soul, not sure you can do this

But something says, you’re not done, we’ve only just begun

So temper those thoughts with your soul.
Let go of lost time
Get in control…
You don’t have to go a-way
You’re needed here – you’re wanted to stay

By: Kelli Athas
This is an old poem from a journal that has been kept for years. Until now only two other people have seen any writing from this journal but I have decided it’s time to share….

There is so much more we can do to stand by each other, show that we are strong, show our support and show everyone that we are brave!
And our hope is that all families who must suffer through the chaos of addiction (as the addict or loved one of an addict) will band together showing their solidarity by wearing our Be Brave bravelets! While also helping us get better drug education and prevention into schools.
Please see how you can show your support a your loved one who is dealing with addiction or show your bravery as an addict in recovery! Click Be Brave

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