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RAP Project

Reintegration of Addicted Persons Project: RAP Project 

In December of 2014 -The RAP Project submitted its Certificate of Formation with the Secretary of State in Texas. The Reintegration of Addicted Persons Project is now a legally recognized nonprofit corporation eligible for tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Mission Statement- Prevent Recidivism for persons affected by addiction leaving prison, jails, and treatment institutions.  Early intervention, prevention, and addiction education for families and communities.

Facts: Over 80% of adult and juvenile offenders are incarcerated for substance involved crimes. Less than 1% of those incarcerated receive any type of treatment during incarceration. Over 75% of all inmates released from prison will return to prison within the first five years. An astounding 36% of them will be rearrested within the first six months. Recidivism is high as you can see by the statistics.  A very important fact to consider is that 97% of all prison inmates are eventually released from prison to return to their communities. The RAP Project is making a lifetime commitment to provide every opportunity to those affected by addiction returning to their communities in a healthy and stable manner.

With your help we can stop the vicious cycle of recidivism, restore dignity, renew hope, and move towards a more stable and healthy future.