Certified National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists

Intercept Intervention – Step-by-Step

Our work begins as soon as you ask us for help. You must make that first phone call. Once you decide to secure our services we will immediately begin compiling information and contacting facilities so that we can secure treatment and get your loved one into a facility that best fits their needs. In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible, our goal is to have everything in order prior to your loved one’s intervention. This facilitates the process once he or she agrees to enter treatment.

Day One:
On the first day of the intervention, we consult with the family/friends and coordinating the intervention location and time. Our focus is educating them about addiction and the different roles family and friends may play. We help family/friends to see the big picture and all the factors that may play a role in the addiction process. We help you make changes that will stop allowing the addict/alcoholic to create chaos in your life. We will talk about tough love, setting healthy boundaries, and enabling. We will show you that there is a way that you can still love the addict/alcoholic without enabling them in their addiction. Then we will plan the intervention itself. In total, day one takes approximately 4-6 hours.

Day Two:
The Intervention. Once again family and friends gather. Our plan of action has already been rehearsed the day before. The only difference is that your loved one will be present. The actual intervention can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. In over 98% of interventions preformed the addict/alcoholic willingly agrees to treatment. In the rare case when your loved one continues to refuse the help we are offering we move into what is known as the “tough love” phase. This is only done when you as a family decide that all efforts have been exhausted and you feel we have done everything possible.