National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists

Life Stories

We are so honored to have assisted so many wonderful families during our time as interventionists. Many of our families have offered to serve as references for our services.

Some of their stories are below. Out of respect for their privacy, we cannot publish their contact information on our website. However, please contact us directly and we will be happy to share their information with you.

  • Letter from Keith and Shawne Oldfield
    I want you to know that we are so happy that we were introduced to the two most wonderful people we have ever met. We were on our way to meet two strangers that day and felt like after five minutes we were reacquainting with dear friends.
  • Letter from Julie Jordan-Wade
    As the mom of two addicts, I’ve been told that every intervention is a success. An intervention can be as simple as telling your addict in a loving, caring, calm way that you don’t want them to use drugs, you want them to get help, and that they would be dearly missed if their drug use took them away from you.
  • Letter from Cindy Beddow
    I grew up in church and lived a very sheltered life. Then I met a guy. He was very outgoing, social, fun, confident and full of life. We went our separate ways due to my fears because I knew he liked to party. Twenty-one years later we were reunited.