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The Effects of Meth

Methamphetamine: How Does it Affect You?

At lower doses, methamphetamine makes the user feel energetic, alert, self confident—even powerful. With continued use these pleasurable feelings typically diminish, and most users report the need for increasingly higher doses to achieve euphoria. Under the influence of the drug, users often become agitated and feel “wired.” Their behavior becomes unpredictable. They may be friendly and calm one moment, angry and terrified the next. Some feel compelled to repeat meaningless tasks, such as taking apart and reassembling bits of machinery. Others may pick at imaginary bugs on their skin many times permanent skin damage.

With prolonged high-dose use or long binges, stimulant psychosis may develop. The psychotic user may feel intensely paranoid, hear voices, and experience bizarre delusions, believing, for example, that other people are talking about them or after them. Methamphetamine-induced panic and psychosis can be extremely dangerous and may result in incidents of extreme violence and completely unpredictable behavior.