National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists

National Drug & Alcohol Interventionists

Kelli and Nick Athas
At Intercept Interventions, we specialize in drug and alcohol interventions and that is our focus. When asked what model of intervention do we use? We incorporate all models at any given time, being involved in interventions for over 25 years we can tell you that if a company tells you that they use a specific model you better check out other services because one shoe has never fit all in this industry and never will. You have to be efficient in all models and then some. We routinely use the Johnson model that has an element of surprise, and the Systemic Family model that involves family addiction education and participation. We know that the disease of addiction affects everyone involved therefore we always suggest family/friends are included in the treatment and recovery process. When elements of the two models are combined  we feel there is not a single better model out there. Our genuine love and compassion for those affected by addiction is our driving force behind all we do. We believe that our combined experience in the field of addictions makes Intercept Interventions one of the top intervention teams available today. We believe that you will not find another team better equipped to guide you through a very difficult process. As a former licensed counselor and Operations Manager of a very successful inpatient treatment facility, we know that treatment placement is one of the most important parts of the recovery process. We are not affiliated with any one particular treatment facility and do not accept any referral fees for placement, and therefore only recommend facilities that best meet the needs of each individual and their family. All of our services come with a lifetime guarantee that our commitment to you and your family is not over at the end of the intervention process. We will always be available to you or your family should the need arise for questions or concerns. We still talk daily with families we have worked with over the years, as a result we have developed some really good friendships. Your family’s success is our family’s success.

We are one of the only intervention services that provide
a list of our costs for services, and we have no hidden fees.

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”
- James Thurber

This is personal mission for us, not just a job. We are dedicated to giving back the help that was so lovingly given to us. We know first hand the chaos addiction brings into a family. Below we share our professional history & some personal missions. We are both recovering addicts and know the tremendous effect one addict can have helping another. It is without parallel!

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